What started off as me giving away one comic book turned into…this. :V

Stream starting shortly, so pile in! I will be on mic. If you want to join a group convo, ask to add me on Skype.


  1. I have open and a list of everyone who reblogged the post.
  2. I will start up with a warmup Minecraft stream, showing everyone how badly I ruined everything and everyone. This will be about half an hour.
  3. I will draw out the names, until I have 11 names. I will then get a winner of the giveaway, with the 10 runner ups getting a custom pony card.
  4. For anyone that sticks around, I will continue where I left off on my FF7 streams.

A few things to keep in mind for participants of the giveaway:

  • If you win the grand prize or a runner up prize, I will notify you on Tumblr. If you do not respond to me within three days, you will automatically be disqualified. 
  • If I go to Tumblr and can’t find your page for whatever reason (name change, deleted blog, etc.), you will automatically be disqualified.
  • If the grand prize winner is disqualified for any reason, I will randomly choose between the runner ups.
  • Anyone who is a runner up may decline their prize if they choose.
  • If you are the grand prize winner and also following my blog, you will, in addition to the comics, tin box and cards, get a random foil card and a copy of Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell!
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