ramblingsformymanifesto replied to your post: >meet a pretty cool chick irl who uses Tumblr…

Start a blog where you don’t post furry stuff…for personal use.

That’s supposed to be this blog! That’s why I set up my NSFW blog.

But as of right now, 1,153 people follow my personal blog and 295 people follow my NSFW blog.

How many people are following my main blog for my NSFW content? I can’t tell. Do people know it exists?

I keep trying to promote my smut blog to prevent things like this. Apparently it’s not working. :V

  1. whitetail-music said: that’s kinda silly to make a smut blog if you’re still going to post NSFW on your main blog. You’ve let them know it exists, why keep plugging it? If they only follow your main blog for porn then there’s no real reason to keep them as followers after
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