Well! I can’t believe I finally found this! :D

A while back I had posted that I was looking for the source of this art. I knew they had come from a Flash strip quiz game, but I didn’t know which one. All I had to go by was these old, printed versions I made for myself. So I took one of the scans, put it on Google image search and BOOM - got the result immediately.

The game was called “Oddlots Sexy Strip Quiz”. It was hosted on Newgrounds for about 13 months before being taken down. Since this was from 2004 I was 13 back then. Holy crap does time fly.

Anyway the entire point of the game wasn’t to win; they gave you a goddamn answer key to go by. The real point was to advertise the website Oddlots Irregulars” which, judging by the game’s questions, was some sort of webcomic hub. The site has been defunct for some time now…I do not believe the secretary catgirl has a name, though the names ”Koneko Sekushi” and “Super Witty Big Titty Space Kitty” have come up. Whatever her name is, she’s fucking gorgeous. <3

As for the artist! His name is John Deberge. He’s still active, here is his DeviantART. During his time working with OI, he went under the alias Einhander, who is credited as the artist in the quiz.

Anyway! Above are the images in their highest resolution extracted from the file. If you’d like to play the old thing for yourself anyway, it’s here.

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