In class just now:
Girl: I got kicked out of Hebrew school.
Me: Why?
Girl: Punched a kid in the face. The other Jewish kids were wealthy, spoiled snobs.
Random Guy From Fucking Nowhere: Well I'm not one of them!
Me: Wow. Good for you.

宮子ちゃん描いたどー! 巫女服きつね少女たまらんち!





Initial reports in the Brony community that the upcoming MLP motion picture would be entitled, “My Little Pony, Twilight Comes To Earth To Marry Me” are losing credibility

Additional fabricated titles included “Derpy the Hero”, “Waifu Wars”, “Fall of Equestria”, “Revenge of the Lunar Republic”, “Anon in Equestria”, and “Cupcakes: The Musical”.

Do you think is the Future of this MLP Gen? One more season and the movie then a break? EQG spin-off till the new Gen? Any speculation?

We know there’s gonna be a spinoff EG show and then a third film, but we don’t know what’ll be happening in this new movie. I just hope the new movie stays true to the show’s core messages and style of humor. We’ve seen too many film adaptions that stray far to appeal to a wider audience. But yeah, once production of the film starts, there will definitely be a break from the show.

‘My Little Pony’ Movie in the Works at Hasbro Studios 
Came for the pony, stayed for the fox. I MEAN WOLF! STAYED FOR THE WOLF!

*glaring intensifies*

Came for the booty, stayed for the floofy

Booty’s on the other blog now though :V

I came for the Trixie, I stayed for everything else. Like seriously I love your blog lol.

D’aww, thanks c: <3

Describe my blog in terms of “came for the _____, stayed for the _____”
So uh, apparently this bot thinks my family-friendly Tamagotchi blog ( osumesu21 ) is a milf porn blog because of my Cafe Mama post.
Well okay then.

So uh, apparently this bot thinks my family-friendly Tamagotchi blog ( osumesu21 ) is a milf porn blog because of my Cafe Mama post.

Well okay then.






Reason why I no longer eat there.

At first I was thinking “but McDonald’s burger didn’t go bad”, but then my slow ass got the point.

But then what are we eating?

You’re eating a burger pumped with a fuckton of preservatives.

You can still eat and digest them, because the acids in your stomach are strong enough to do so. But weaker things like bacteria and such can’t touch it, at least not for a while.

As far as how harmful preservatives are, it’s really up for debate and needs to be studied more. There have been theories suggesting foods with preservatives are linked to hyperactivity in kids, but those studies have been inconclusive. Sodium nitrite, a common preservative for all different kinds of meat, has been linked to cancer in lab animals. However, this preservative is great for fending off the bacteria that causes the rare and (potentially fatal) illness botulism.

Food preservatives are really commonplace now, and the demand for it keeps growing because a whole lot of people across the country want fresh food on demand, even though it takes quite a long time for the stuff to ship around the US. So balancing health and safety with market demands and costs makes it a challenge. Some food chains have started doing what’s called “local sourcing” to avoid the issue entirely; Subway practices getting as many ingredients as it can from local distributors, so the transport time for ingredients can be cut down, thereby eliminating the need for preservatives.

So yeah, food for thought I guess. :V


Taken from FFワンドロ&amp;ラクガキつめ by ALYSSA

The writing quality of Thomas & Friends has really improved with these last few years. I’m impressed.

Fuck, I’m REALLY not in the mood to go to work today.